Steve Gillis with over 30 years involvement in rugby league as a sports journalist and player agent combines with Clinton Schifcofske who has 16 years in sport as a professional rugby league and rugby union star. It’s a combination that cannot be matched with both having experienced pretty much every high and low sport has to offer. Together they share their knowledge and expertise to ensure their clients get nothing but the very best advice. They’ve seen and dealt with everything sport can throw up and they’ve come through with flying colours. Hands on, personable, professional, determined and dedicated, Gillis Schifcofke Sports Management (GS Sports Management) guarantees nothing but the best in personal attention for their clients. Regarded one of the most prestigious sporting businesses in Australia, GS Sports Management plan on taking the industry to another level.


For almost 20 years, Steve Gillis has negotiated thousands of sporting contracts. Working closely with his players and their parents in the early stages of their careers, Steve’s unique style ensures everyone has a clear understanding of precisely what’s on offer and the pros and cons of each and every offer. “The biggest offer isn’t always the best offer,” Steve says. “Players need a pathway, good coaching and should always try and find a competitive environment where they can challenge themselves and improve their skills.” “Everyone’s situation is different and career defining. Negotiating takes patience and expertise. It’s critical you get it right the first time because contracts are not easy to unravel.” Clinton Schifcofske knows the importance and the pressure contract time can present to a player – young and old. He can offer inside knowledge with how to cope with the situation to ensure it doesn’t affect your preparation and performance during this difficult and stressful period.


In a day and age when the media can make or break a sporting career, it is critical players are given the very best advice into how to manage this powerful medium. GS Sports provide coaching for its up and comers on how to work with the media, improve the way they present in public and make strong contacts with those that can help shape a career. “Players used to run and hide from the media but we encourage our players to work side by side with them,” Gillis says. “We teach our stars how to use the media in a positive way which in the end benefits both parties. “We also have some experienced media personalities on hand to mentor our younger players if need be.”


GS Sports Management are well connected in the corporate world and offer opportunities to players young and old. We are mindful of the need for players to have the chance to enhance their earnings away from the football whether be via media, promotional, endorsements or marketing avenues. Importantly, we work hard to open doors for players with regard to life after football.


It is vitally imperative that players manage their money well throughout their careers. GS Sports Management are focused and committed to ensuring all our stars are given professional and expert advice from day one. We have long standing relationships with legal, financial and taxation experts who work side by side with our star players. We also have relationships with respected car dealerships, mortgage brokers and commercial wholesalers who assist with our players should they request advice and guidance.